By the end of this course, the successful student should be able to:

  • Understand the roles and requirements associated with working in CPD
  • Recognize infection control procedures in medical environments
  • Label, process, handle and assemble instrument sets
  • Identify packaging materials, methods and procedures
  • Recognize requirements for clean and sterile storage
  • Identify distribution and delivery methods of supplies and equipment
  • Accurately identify anatomy and physiology of the human body



The following topics will be presented in the course:


Introduction to Central Processing Department: History, purpose and concepts of the Central Processing Department

Microbiology: Basic microbiology and its importance to the CPD environment

Decontamination: Purpose and procedures of decontamination and infection control

Surgical Instrumentation: Components, proper handling and overview of instruments

Packaging: Proper packing/wrapping of materials and supplies for processing

Sterilization: Requirements and proper preparation of items for sterilization

Clean/Sterile Storage: Understanding requirements for clean and sterile storage

Distribution: Accurate, efficient distribution of equipment and supplies

Inventory Management: Identify the role and process of inventory management

Anatomy and Physiology: Synopsis, roles and functions of major body systems



We recommend participants to complete at least one chapter a week during the 12 week course. You are free to move ahead and complete the program at your own pace. Students generally complete the course ahead of schedule with great success by completing one or more chapters each week with ample time to study for the final exam. For best results, we recommend that students study the chapter reviews, PowerPoint presentations and vocabulary before attempting exams.


Students are expected to manage their time accordingly to complete the course in a timely manner. Normal completion time for this program is twelve (12) weeks. CPTTS will not be responsible for tracking your progress nor inform you if a lack of time becomes an issue. If, after 12 weeks, you do not complete the program, you must re-register and pay the tuition to restart the course from the beginning. Refund requests made after the allotted time periods will not be honored.





Chapter tests: All study materials are provided. Chapter tests are available at the end of each chapter. The tests will be multiple-choice, open notes, will be individual efforts and will consist of material covered in the chapter. Ample time will be allotted to complete the tests. Each chapter provides 5 opportunities to pass each test. If all attempts have been exhausted, you must contact the Test Administrator immediately for further instructions. Students are expected to study course material before attempting exams and are encouraged to print copies of results throughout the course.




Final exam: The final exam will be available at the end of the course and will be comprehensive. Students have 3 opportunities to pass the exam with a passing score of 80% or higher. Once all 3 attempts have been exhausted, students must pay a test fee of $150.00 for 3 additional attempts.





Although letter grades are not assigned in this course, chapter tests and the final exam require a score of 80% or higher to be considered a passing score. If a student receives a score of 79% or below, he/she will have the option to retake the chapter test until a passing score is achieved. Students cannot advance to the next chapter until the current chapter test is passed.